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Allow me to introduce myself! *every one get caught by a tentacle that slowly sucks out they’re energy when they get hit, as many more small tentacles slowly creeps up on them, not knowing about the threat. The small tentacles wrap around everyone, pining them to the ground, as they struggle, but for no use as the energy they before had, was gone* hm, what a shame! I thought you all were going to be more of a threat, apparently not! *my gaze hits Shadows gaze, reminding her of someone* my body needs more time to heal, thus I’ll not let go of you guys until I can... opps, seems I did one mistake! *releases manticore from the tentacle that was pinning him down* my apologies *bows down* I didn’t mean to be so harsh towards the heir of the human worlds throne! Manticore Asigias, heir of humanity! I’m terrible sorry for the RUDE reunion! I don’t trust all of them here without any guard, do you happen to mind if I find a place to keep them locked in? Well one of them *stands up* needs to be disposed of! *a tentacle spirals into Shadow’s heart, causing her to shift back into her mind regular form while screaming in pain* I’ll take her to a safe spot, if you want you can deal with the others! Thrax will leave by himself!

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