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To cover all bases in the argument, REAL LIFE ambergris is technically poop, caused by a collection of squid beaks and other hard parts of the food eaten by Sperm Whales, which eventually grows large enough to block the whale’s intestines and kill it. As the carcass decomposes, the ambergris floats to the surface, where it bakes in the sun and is worn by the waves into Ambergris

HOWEVER, due to the circumstances required for it to form, having a rare blockage of a specific thing in only one species of whale, it’s unlikely that THIS ambergris is the same as the real life stuff, as the astrocetus doesn’t live in water, doesn’t, as far as one can tell, eat food that leave behind hard parts to block intestines, and that every one that is killed yields ambergris, it’s probably a different substance all together, maybe blubber or skin oils

Too lazy to link it, but you can look up Minute Earth on YouTube to find the video I learned this from, good day to you all, and I hope I ended some arguments

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