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If you get a good battle dino, just go out on it and find tek animals. Kill them, you will harvest lots of element dust, electronics, scrap metal, and oil. One 10 minute run can bring in probably one or two element worth of element dust. Electronics are used to craft many things, oil is used to make gas, and scrap metal can be smelted into scrap metal ingot at one scrap metal=one scrap metal ingot (double of regular metal to regular ingot) I strongly suggest using argies for these runs, because they have weight reduction on the metal, and these tek runs can be quite encumbering. I will warn you, however, that tek dinos have not yet been added to mobile. One element is 1,000 element dust, and can only be crafted at a tek replicator. On the island, the tek dinos that you can find are tek parasaurs, tek raptors, tek stegos, and tek rexes. These can be tamed and bred, and you can harvest the recourses from the babies. Tek animals are the same as organic but with different drops.

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