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*i reach into my small pocket realm and pull out the strange green diamond*

What are you...

*the diamond starts glowing and the rays seemingly enter my memorys, restoring them*

What... my memorys, they're back!

*i look back at the stone*

I still dont know who you are, but i do know somthing else.

*leaves shuffle behind me and with lightning speed i put a dagger to william aftons throat*

You've been following me since that pizzeria, havent you?

(William afton) well yes, but for good reason. I gigured you could use some help.

Well, your right then. Im sure you've heard of lolbit?

(William afton) well obviously, they're the reason im following you.

Well, i guess you can tag along, because im making some pit stops.

*a portal opens and i push afton through, then step in myself*


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