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*I get taken in a room for 3 hours. Lots of screaming comes from the room, until finally Dr. Zhang leaves*

(Dr. Zhang) well, it has officially been trained.

*part of the door bends out as i try to escape*

(Dr. Zhang) quick! Evacuate!

*the door breaks down and darkness floods the room as i kill almost everybody until i finally get caught*

(Dr. Zhang) Get it back in the cell!

*they throw me inside the cell and put the door back and repair it*

(Dr. Zhang) oh yeah, thats a killing machine. I did notice a strange object it had. It looked like a green diamond, but whenever i tried to get close, it attacked me multiple times. I need to get it for researc-

*darkness floods from under the door and wraps around Dr. Zhang's leg and somehow drags him into the cell. Scream echo through the cells as soldiers burst into the cell, only to get killed instantly. I leave the body littered room and try to find a way out.*

Must protect the artifact...

*I dart through a door and run into 5 soldiers. I snap theirs necks and continue*

This place is a maze! I dont remember anything, only i have to protect this stone, i couldnt have been left some maze solving info!?!?!

*i run into 20 soldiers and kill them*

This feels wrong but right, but then also wrong, Argh! Its almost like i once killed people for revenge, but then once i protected people, i dont even know what i am!

*i finally come the the exit and open it*

Now, i have no clue where im going.

*i dart off into a random direction, unknowingly heading towards danger... the keeper.*


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