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How to get berries-A guide

So, you're a survivor; just woke up with a rumbling tummy so you think "me hungry" Well that's nice you sad person in their underwear, that's what berries are for! They come in all kinds of colors on most bushes you find. You would think that with all those berries the bushes would be rainbows, but they aren't. There are 4 main kinds of berries:normal,good,stim,and narco(naptime)

Normal:This is the azul, amar, and tintoberries. They aren't special;they are just used in recipes or food

Good:this is mejoberries, they are better for taming

Stim:these ones make you more awake, but dehydrate you or starve tames;used in stimulants.

Narco:tHeY mAKe YoU sLEePy. UsE tO kNoCk StUfF oUt.

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