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They are quite rare, you can use them to fight against alpha mosas if high level and strong.

You can tame them with cooked prime meat, but you need 30 cooked prime meat in one stack, if you have 10x taming boost, that would be no problem, if not, you might need 90 cooked prime meats if your on easy difficulty, alpha mosas have 100 black Pearl's in their inventory if killed, be careful when finding a tuso, because they can act like oily rocks in the sea floor, they do not have surface limit, which means they can chase you forever and they are fast, if you have about 5 taming space, you can use carbonemys as a bait for the tuso, without a bait, below the Tuso's name it will say "doesnt want to be tame right now, that sounds impossible to tame, that's because you cant tame it without a bait. To make a bait, you need at least a couple of carbonemys, about 4-3 carbonemys, then make sure you have cooked prime meat (a lot of cooked prime meats) got the tuso and get of your tame, let it grab.

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