Whoever said that it can be found on mobile and console…

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Whoever said that it can be found on mobile and console until crystal isles is released on those platforms, you are wrong. WarDrum is the company that brought us ark mobile.Not WildCard. There has been no updates in mobile regarding free dlc maps(not story). No center, ragnarok or valguero on mobile. Why would it be different for Crystal Isles? If mobile does not contain game dinos we all know like the Thyla, Pego, Ichthyornis, Microraptor, Megalania, and Megatherium. Heck, Ark Mobile does not even have the Island map completed. It is missing 5 caves including the Tek cave. Carno island cave, lost hope lost faith, upper south, tek cave are missing. Bosses cannot be summoned or ascend on mobile. The dungeon feature is unique to mobile and is the only way to get tek.

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