[Continuation two] He walked around, Before soon running around.

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[Continuation two] He walked around, Before soon running around. He found her, But saw she was awake, He looked at the femaleโ€™s health just to be sure, and it was the one. In anger, She attacked him right away, only to be unconscious once again. Shiro let out a low growl, angry at himself as he put some Stimberries instead. He stayed put, and started to panic as he saw the female waking quickly, slowly being tamed. He had a few narcotics on him, so he quickly force fed the therizo them. It only lasted him a few minutes, as he desperately went around to collect narcoberriers. The female would wake sooner then it would tame, So He desperately checked his inventory, to find nothing. He quickly looked at the items that he could get in a snap with his strange power, And sighed in defeat as he saw nothing. But right before he would give up, An item caught his eyes. Biotoxin. He grabbed some, hopeful. +80 Tarpor. He grinned, grabbing bunches and force feeding the female them, Letting out a -

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