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So I’m new on the ark and here’s a horrifying story of…

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So I’m new on the ark and here’s a horrifying story of when I was attacked by a “terror bird”:once I was building a thatch base and I saw the glorious glow of a supply drop coming down, but wait the colour of the glow was different! So I grabbed my gear and set out to get the supply drop. When I was near the drop I saw a destroyed wood base so I took a look inside. The chests were still there and full of goods to my surprise, there was no bed and only one wall was destroyed. I realised it must of been recent. And I knew that whatever tf destroyed that guys base must of been an animal, a vicious and scary one. Chills went down my spine. Suddenly when I was about to enter the glow of the supply drop I heard a weird noise, one that I’d never heard before. I just looked at the drop and saw that I had to be lvl 35 to open it (which I wasn’t) when something powerful hit me from behind. I didn’t know what it was but I did insane damage, I made my stupid looking guy run for his life. Then I stopped! I was out of stamina. So I thought I was safe and turned around... when I looked behind me I saw the most weirdest, scariest thing I could possibly see and encounter on ark considering I was low level. Right behind me there was i massive dodo with its mouth open revealing its sharp, big and scary teeth. I tried to run but again I was out of stamina. And it was there I met my death.

Turns out in the end the terror bird got distracted and I took that chance to get my stuff back. So happily ever after I guess. For now anyway MUHAHAHAH.

Thanks for reading!


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