So I was trying to tame a spino.

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So I was trying to tame a spino. I made a 3x3 cage with door frames of 2 high. Near the river of the footpaw region and southern isles which leads to the swamp. It always spawns there. So I was to much of a stupid B*tch so I went in along for him to agrow on me and follow. Anyways I survived his hits and led him in the cage. FINALLY A spino to tame! I took out my rifle to knock it out when.... IT WALKED OVER THE 2 HIGH DOOR FRAMES AND ATTACKED ME ANF I WAS ON LOW HEALTH. I FORGOT THAT THEY CAN WALK OVER 2 HIGH WALLS AND YOU NEED 3 HIGH.

So anyways my base was right beside the cage and I ran in. It was a stone base so he couldn't break in easily. But before I healed up my Argentavis and 2 pteranodons killed it. And from then on NO MORE SPINO SPAWNED THERE EVER AFTER.

I made the door frames 3 high And Still looking for a spino to spawn :(

Long story short, Don't be an idiot like me and know all the important necessities before found anything you haven't done before.

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