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If you see one of these running towards you just accept your fate.

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If you see one of these running towards you just accept your fate.Today I was just minding my own business in my little 4 foundation thach house.I decided to go hunting for some meat outside.Just for you to know I have 4 dinos: a level 14 male dilo, a level 10 female dilo and a male and a female dodo wich i keep for eggs and breeding.As I was saying I decided to go hunting.I told my male dilo to follow me.I keep all my dinos in my house and if you are a beginner like me (I'm level 14) I also recommend you to do so. As i was saying I opened the door and got out of the house and the first thing I see is a raptor running towards me.At that point I knew I had no chance so I just ran.I ran as fast as I could hoping it will follow me and won't see my dilo.I got attacked a few times so I was slower but I didn't stop.I died and respawned in my house.I didn't loose any items cuz I didn't have any in my inventory.

My dilo was alive but I'm staying inside now.

I think I'll breed dodos and eat the

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