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So once i had otter called Pebbels.

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So once i had otter called Pebbels.We are bffs from when i tame him.One dayni was going to center cave of map(i play on island on mobile)but when i looked i discoverd entrence to cave.I was going to kill some saberthoots to get hide and i was farming fiber just to make sleeping bag but when i got all things i needed a group of raptors attacked me i survived but my leg has been broken and then compys attaced me i killed 2 of them then i just fall on ground dead.I respawned in my home but Pebbels is still in center of map i think he is alive cuz i didnt get notification that Pebbels died i was going to center to find him but i dont know where i died Pebbels is still there but i dont know where#PrayForPebbels

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