I guess u guys know how hard to tame this purple duck.

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I guess u guys know how hard to tame this purple duck. So here is my story, the first time i played on the islands (and this game), i saw this duck swimming at sea, hunting for a fish. I have no idea, why i wanted to tame this duck in the first time i play this game. So on, then i feed him a lot of fish, Dont remember how many, 30 choceloaths perhaps, its uncounting already. At the end, I MADE IT, after more than 20 fishs, a hour feeding, and 6 broken spears. I MADE IT, so i named him "WANT SOME DUCK?" and bring him to the beach. I did back swim on my way to beach so i can see my duck with big smile, until i didnt notice there is a therizino right at my back. That therizino like want to saying "dud don toch ma claw wit yor derty bak. SOD OFF!!" And start clawing me. Sadly so sadly my little duck trying to save me with attacking that therizino with his super tiny duck beak that only do 5 damages :(. That therizino like "Seriously?". And he ended my du.... Damn i cant write more >:(

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