I was trying to tame one ofthese for the pursuit.

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I was trying to tame one ofthese for the pursuit. There was so many allo, and carno and half way through, a spino and a tickle chicken showed up. It was absolutely ridiculous and obviously I couldn't tame it properly bc of this. When it finally got attacked by the pack of carno and died, I started thinking of how to leave this hellhole. Then I saw a bronto being attacked by a allo so I was like yea lemme take revenge and help the bronto, but I guess I must have accidently shot the bronto while aiming for the other dino, because as soon as the allo died, the bronto comes running and me and whips me in my face. I'm so mad. So I respawned, came back with a cute raptor, kill half of the remaining dinos, my raptor faints, and now currently I'm stuck trying to defend it and myself with just a pike. It's going alright so far, but it would be great if it could wake up before the pike breaks.

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