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The tale of the dodo rex (this is the story i know others may be different so dont judge me)

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The tale of the dodo rex (this is the story i know others may be different so dont judge me)

The dodo was minding its buisness one day when a cruel surviver came and tried to kill it the dodo was able to flee but barely made it out alive the next day after recovering a different surviver came and attacked the dodo. The dodo hated his life so he asked help from all the guardians and even helena but everyone did not listen and had no idea what was coming. One day the dodo went to his island and found all his relatived dead on the sand and then he was rained terror apon him there were gunshots and arrows being shot at him he was terrified so he fled to the ocean only taking one arrow and he swam deep into the depths of the ocean finding a cave which he could only catch a glimpse of before the survivor came at him with a harpoon. Turns out the dodo was put on a hunting list for surviving so many encounters. The dodo tried going to the cave the next day but a megaladon came after him so he found a secret entrance and got into the cave. What was in the cave? The artifact of the strong so the dodo grasped the artifact and felt the power in his body he soon tried to kill the surviver but failed taking many hits and had to flee. The next day the dodo explored the jungle finding another cave and fighting his way through he found the artifact of the pack giving him many dodo minions. He tried killing the survivor again but the survivor was in a tribe and all his minions were severely harmed and 2 died. Then he went to the volcano finding the artifact of the devourer finnaly the dodo could kill the survivor and was now known as the dodo carnotaurus he was feared by all survivors but of course since he had so much power he got cocky and tried to defeat broodmother and failed taking severe injury and 100 of his minions died so he went to the tek cave finding 3 more artifacts and then tried defeating broodmother again and suceeded but then tried defeating the megapithicus and failed so badly that he vowed to never try again and was banished away to an island for 5 years but then found something too powerful for anyone to ever obtain essence of the dodo king he became so powerful that nobody could stop him he defeatd all of the guardians except one he battled overseer getting him through all fases except his last and finnaly he was too damaged to fight the overseer made a deal with him that he could challenge and survivor that ever entered his island and if they defeated him then the overseer won but if nobody defeated him for 100 years he won.

I will make more parts but this is how the dodorex was summoned

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