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Well I’ll tell you about some of my dudes (dodos and…

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Well I’ll tell you about some of my dudes (dodos and maschops) so I was walking around collecting so supplies and a dilofosaurus ( sorry I spell things wrong) comes out of nowhere and I run it didn’t chase me and when I came back to see if it was gone it was attacking my dinosaurs and I attacked it and it killed me (I’m a noob) so I went back and I ran to my body and I got all my stuff. The guy that attacked us was gone and I looked around. I found nothing. Then I saw an unconscious turtle (I can’t spell the dinosaurs names) and I went towards it and I saw a one of my dodos so I went over to him and he was dead. His name was fox.. I never found the was very sad because it didn’t say fox died and when I saw him.... well thank you for reading ;)

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