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This is one of the best tames you can get, dont lose it!!!


- good stats hp/damage/weight/stamina

- good fly speed

- can get invisible in the night

- screech

- can latch on any place even trees (careful, the stamina recover is slow when it is latching and if got attacked they loose the wall)

- collect a lot of blood, meat and spoiled meat

- you can use the blood to make elixirs that increase the taming efficiency in 30%( just 1 elixir per tame)

- can shoot while flying

- fast landing

- fast hp recovery


- collect too much spoiled meat

- they gathering is limited ( dont get hide, prime and other things)

I dont have any real bad thing to say about desmodus, they have a lot of pros (some I dont listed) and even the cons are not bad, are useful and balanced. Desmodus eat meat, but prefer blood and it recover their hp with this. Now I cant live in ark without one!!

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