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Desmodus can be tamed with blood packs, it’s a passive tame, and you can give it smaller tames of yours to make its efficiency go higher for more levels.

The Desmodus can harvest spoiled meat in absurd amounts, the bigger the creature, the more spoiled meat you get, which is good for getting narcotics.

Desmodus can also harvest blood packs from creatures, without killing the creature. If you have 200 blood packs in the Desmoduses inventory, you can craft a sanguine elixir, which is good for taming, as it raises the taming bar by 30. It can also be used for imprinting + passive taming.

At night, you can use echolocation, which turns the Desmodus invisible, meaning you can easily steal Wyvern eggs, Drake eggs, etc.

The Desmodus also can fly in caves.

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