Well I pretty hate this things.

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Well I pretty hate this things. I once saw them coming up in the forest and there were 3 of them, I though they would chase dinosours where my house I not there but when I was out for a bit picking rocks, they came and killd all my pets(16) and then I went on rage mode and almost killd one of them with a Normal spear untill the other 2 came at me and killd me, luckily I had a boat parked near the house so I just packed all my stuff in the chest and ruined away to the boat and escaped, and I got surprised bc these 3 idiot dinosours were following me in the ocean and I though they would die after a while but when I builded my new house and went to my old one they are still in the ocean alive.. like... I want their stomacks go be ripped and pull their teeth put and stab their eyes and leave them raw in the lake with the sharks... if thay happens then my life will be better today... God. Please. Make me slay those brain-washed short arm hungry mfs.

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