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*banging can be heard from the soil that covers shadow's broken animatronic suit*

*a group of scientists walk by and hear it*

(Scientist 1) what was that?

(Scientist 2) i dunno.

(Scientist 3) well we should obviously investigate.

(Scientist 1) well duh.

*they dig until they hit the animatronic's arm*

(Scientist 1) hey, do you remember that pizzeria we passed that had these infront of them?

(Scientist 3) how can I forget!

(Scientist 1) I think this is one's arm.

(Scientist 2) well, keep digging!

*they soon uncovered all of the parts to shadows animatronic suit*

(Scientist 2) hurry, bring it to the surface!

*they bring all of the pieces to the surface*

(Scientist 3) should we assemble it?

(Scientist 1) I think so.

*they assemble it*

(Scientist 2) hmm, it looks like..... a cat animatronic?

(Scientist 1) I didnt see any others infront of that pizzeria.

(Scientist 3) can it turn on?

*just as he says it the suit comes to life and stands up*

(Scientist 1) what the, it moves on its own?

(Scientist 3) can you talk?


(Scientist 1) HOLY, IT CAN TALK!

(Scientist 3) this is a Scientific break through! I didnt see a batterie in the rubble, and it moves and talks on its own!

(Scientist 2) well we have to name it.

(Scientist 1) it looks like the animatronics from that one horror game, fnaf.

(Scientist 3) their names were like what kids would name they toy versions of them, like freddy is basically a giant teddy bear.

(Scientist 1) you dont think this is like those ones, right?

(Scientist 2) guys, its right here you know.

Yes, i can hear every word your saying, and i have answers.

(Scientist 3) are you one of the animatronics from fnaf?

(Scientist 1) should you be asking that?

No, its fine. No, I am not technically from fnaf, but they are real. And to you asking eachother about names, I do not have one, at least one that i can remember.

(Scientist 3) how are you alive?

I do not actually know. My master says that someone wiped my memory and he saved me. He told me to put my hand on this suit and I would go inside. He said it would protect me.

(Scientist 3) are you human?

I do not belive so. But all i can remember is to be released from this suit, someone must will me out, repeating in their mind 5 times "begone entity".

(Scientist 3) if you are not human, are you a ghost of some kind?

I believe my kind is very similar to ghosts, but not quite.

(Scientist 2) are you a living shadow or something?

Hm, yes, i believe i am a shadow.

(Scientist 3) try to remember your name.

I really do not remember. Now, I do not wish to hurt you, and Im sure you dont want me to either, so please restrain me, it will be 6:00 soon.

(Scientist 2) are you sure?

Yes, now do it quick. For at 6:00 my friendly personality gets taken over by my murderus one. Do not trust me after 6:00 until 6am. I will make something for you to restrain me in.

*a black metal room apears and animatronic shadow walks in*

Make sure to lock it with this lock.

*a black lock apears in one of the Scientist's hands and they lock shadow in*

(Scientist 1) okay, that should be good. Its 5:59.

*his watch ticks over to 6:00 and a loud banging comes from inside the box*

(Scientist 3) woah! They weren't kidding.

*they sit and wait until it turns to 6am and the banging stops and they open the door*

(Scientist 2) there, now over night we were thinking of a name for you, how about Mittens?

It will suit for now.


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