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*Dark One walks in*

Im back, and ready for revenge.

*mortar fire flys past dark one*

You think mortars will help?

*he snaps and every mortar turns into ashes*

Yawn, this is easier than stealing a lolipop from melody.

*a macaw flys in and as soon as it lands it turns into a woman*

Who are you?

"Oh, you've never heard of me? Well then your definitely not my shadow."

*the woman turns into a 10 foot long boa constrictor and starts choking dark one*


*dark one melts into a shadow and apears 2 feet away gasping for air*

"Aw, does little shadow need air?"

Yes, and a lot of it.

"Too bad."

*she turns into a massive eagle and grabs dark one by the throat and flys up with him*

"No shadows to hide in now."

*she chucks him back to theri claws and lands on the ground*

*shadow walks in and starts clapping*

(Shadow) well done!

*the woman looks at shadow*

"You look a lot like me."

(Shadow) I believe thats because Im your shadow, is that not what you were looking for?

"Well, it is what I was looking for. So, your the shadow eh?"

(Shadow) apparently. So why were you looking for me?

"Well, I need you're help."

*shadow snorts*

(Shadow) YOU need MY help?!?!?! You can turn into animals, why do you need my help?

"Because I need a shadow and you are the only one i can trust."

(Shadow) what am I supposed to help with?

"Well, are you any good at rangling shadow creatures?"

(Shadow) Im a bit rusty at it.

"Well, thats better than us humans, we know nothing about rangling shadow creatures, and they're running rampant."

(Shadow) okay, then whats the plan?

"Well, we would have to start with whats new with scorched earth, then abberation, exctintion, genesis one, and genesis two."

(Shadow) so basically go in order with whats new on each map?


*darknone walks in again*


(both of us at once) NOBODY CARES!

*a shadow laso apears in shadow's hand and she throws it around dark ones neck as the woman pulls out a dagger and puts it to his throat*

"I'd recommend you leave. Now."

*dark one scrambles away*

"Anyways, my name is Frost, pack your bags shadow, youre about to go on a journey."

-shadow, dark one, and frost(sorry manticore about dark one, he can be infuriating*snaps and the mortars come back* but really, get better defences.)

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