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A novel of Frost: Chapter the First (Part I)

Frost yawned, stretched, and opened his eyes. Another day in the miserable camp of Knorg. Frost growled, his mood instantly souring. Knorg, a dragon-human hybrid, was the leader of the very legion that had killed his mother all those years ago. The Dragon Legion had died thousands of years ago, but after a single vial of dragon’s blood was discovered years after, Knorg drank the blood and became a hybrid super human. Now he infuses his army of scum with the same blood he had ingested years ago.

And soon enough, he would see that Frost was more than a worker, and would change him into a mindless killer as well. Frost grinned. Knorg could try if he wanted to. Frost was escaping tonight.


After a long day of slave work, it was twilight. Frost grasped his necklace, said a quick prayer to the Goddess, and crushed the ice shard. He squeezed his eyes shut…

But nothing happened. Frost groaned and cursed his folly-

Right before something did happen, in fact. He felt his body warp and shift, grow smaller, but stronger.

He was an Ice Wolf. And he was ready to be done with this Goddess forsaken camp. He howled and charged for the barbed fences that had kept him trapped for two decades. The fence shattered and turned to ice as Frost ran through, kept running, and ran towards his past home. The mountain of the Frost Howlers, as it was now known.

(I did not have enough time to write the whole chapter, I will continue this chapter as soon as I get back home. I’m going on a trip, I’ll be back in a week.)

Your excited author,


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