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Cave: Snow Cave, hard snow cave, and strong cave.

Difficulty: Hard

Creatures: Yetis, salmons, anglers, direwolfs, and araneos.

Dangers: Super long cave, easily the largest cave on ark mobile, and super cold, specifically the water.

Strategy: I recommend you bring 2 creatures, an arthro /centipede, and a otter. The arthro does not aggro creatures and the otter provides a lot of warmth. I recomend you do this cave with a lot of time as it is a long cave. Arthros do get stuck on the first spot. Be careful as the water does a lot of damage, so br careful with loot crates. This cave has the best loot crates in the entire map, so bring grapples and spike walls. I highly recomend you bring cooked meat and medical brew as the water is cold and can damage anyone with even the highest health. Be careful because if glitches in this cave, they are dangerous.

Loot: Giganotosaurus saddle bp, rex saddle bp, pump action shotgun bp, scuba gear bp or made. Made or bp compound bow, and fabricated pistol bp.

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