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Cave: Skylord Cave, Crystal/Ice Cave.

Creatures: Onyc and Araneo.

Threats: Very cold, easy to get lost, sometimes the araneos block the path, and death drops which are instakill.

Notes: This is for Ark mobile players, and for single player servers.

How to run the cave: Go inside of the cave after you passed the crouch spot put a thatch foundation and a bed not a sleeping bag. As you will die very often. Do the artifact of the massive strategy. I posted it on the artifact of the massive tips.

Loot: Flak Armor bps, revival platform, Raptor saddle, and grenades.

I recommend you don’t bring loot because your body cant be harvested by any creature so the cache won’t go to the surface of the cave for you to loot your old body.

Use no loot as it is very easy to loose loot.

I hope this tip was helpful, keep surviving survivor. Boss slayer.

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