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This artifact is easy. I recommend taming a high level baryonyx like 80+ for level 150 max servers. Level up your bary outside of the cave, you want stats like 4,000 health and 500% melee. Go to the cave and get the artifact. I recommend fighting everything because it is easy level ups, also go to both rooms as they both have explorer notes. The first one has the rex note near the water on the cliff, the behind the artifact there is the titanaboa explorer note. The other room has ruins there is the kaprosuchus dossier, and at the edge there is the leech dossier. The leech is in the deepest part of the room. Note bringing a bary with this power is basically cheesing the cave because it is super easy this way, I just recommend to bring a little bit of raw fish meat because centipedes known as arthopleura do a lot of damage. The rewards for this caves are the following: wooden shield, hide blueprints, hide armor, fishing rod, fishing rod blue print, metal pick and hatchet blue prints, or metal pick and metal hatchet, and 10x sooothing balm.

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