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SN(shadow news) on thursday and friday

News on Apex

Apex has lost his mind and has eaten part of his brain. He is still on the loose with charges of murder, cannibalism, and many more.

AD: Try Apex cookies now! Apex cookies are cookies that come in shapes of knives, grenades, and axes! Each shape has its own special ingredient. Order now!(side affects include: throat bleeding, exploding, stomach chopping, death, and indigestion.)

Kid Section

Count the M's

Mighty Megolasaurus meet in mississippi to make many memorys.

News on Crow/HJK

HJK has been possessed by crow for how long, a week? They have revealed that they are a shadow catcher and will catch every shadow.

News on Stupid Ghost

Yes Im calling it Stupid Ghost. Ive been struggling with this dummy for around 4-5 days. Bad news, im having trouble holding him back. More bad news, Crow seems to be targeting me, probably because im the only 100% shadow here. Good news, WWT and GhostDragon seem to be wanting to help.

Other fanfictioners

Thank you WWT for the compliment! Its fine if you like the spoopy parts, i love them aswell. Ghost dragon and WWT thank you for being on my side! And what ever you do, dont get caught, wait can people who are only part shadow get caught? I dont know.

News about my storys

I have a vote going on for my storys! The vote will be where my characters asend to, my myth ark(in just bug, the backstory of it for some reason is gone, but it used to be in oviraptor)or a different ark, a new ark.

AD: Do you have somone you dont like in the slightest? Buy the Shadow(calls me, not my siblings, they wouldnt help) Caller 3000! Enter 153 on the phone, point at the person, and close your eyes, and when you open them, they'll be gone! (Warning: DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES AFTER POINTING OR IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU NOT THE OTHER PERSON) must be 0 or older to use.

Thats If for Shadow News, see you next time!

-news reporter shadow

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