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Why would be talking about spino vs. dinopithecus in real life, because yes spino obviously wins (unless it’s 1 spino and a pack of dinopithecus maybe) so why are we talking irl when we are arguing about a video game. The spino isn’t bad, I just feel like you can get other easier-to-tame creatures by the time you get to the point when you can tame a spino, like a rex, allo, etc etc. I really only use them on aberration sometimes, but I usually go to the crab because it’s aberration’s equivalent to the argentavis. I usually prefer a quicker play style, I think I have singplayer settings on (might do a run without them at some point, or maybe actually try to do pvp and get somewhere) but I have 3x harvesting, 2.5 taming, 3 xp gain, and I probably missed a lot but I can’t remember them. Also I really hate breeding, and I don’t care if you comment on this, but I just disable mating cool down, only when I’m getting boss rexes. My maturation rates aren’t too high, it takes like 10-15 minutes to raise something. I just prefer this quicker paced play through, I mean I also get flak and tranqs and go straight to redwoods without creatures and tame an argy there, and make the saddle before I tame it. Wow, this really turned from mobile server to my settings lol.


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