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i would add these creatures to ark.. if i could..

ceratosaurus: carnivore


torpor tame

food: extraordinary kibble, mutton/prime

saddle: level 76

ceratosaurus would be a knockout tame cannot be damaged by tranq arrows only darts! similar to carno it would have the bleed effect, and be able to toss around its prey, its an aggressive creature eating anything its size, mostly living in underwater caves, it would mainly feed on bats and arthropleura, stay wary of this beast. saddle will preserve meat and veggies, very rare find on redwood mountain!(there is an alpha variant)

protostega: omnivore


passive tame

food: jellyfish and trilobites.

saddle: level 45

protostega would be a very friendly sea turtle eating jellyfish and trilobites, the taming method is killing jellyfish and trilobites near it and letting it eat them(fish baskets with trilobite works too)they would only be near the western shores near red ob, mainly used for storage and a mortar an pestle(double narcotics and stimulant), as fast as a piranha, it will be hunted down by megalodon found in shallow and deep waters, not that rare.

kelenken: carnivore


(sacrifice tame)

food: tames

saddle: level 83

kelenken being a different species of terror bird it was as big as a trike and as smart as a stegosaur, this creature would be a sacrifice tame(similar to troodon.)will only eat carnos and above! kelenken will be a ruthless monster killing anything, anytime, found in redwoods and mountains, it could not fly since it is heavy. but has reduced fall damage by 65%, during the day it sleeps, if you walk too close it wakes up, stronger in the night with 50% boosted damage and speed, will be able to inflict bleed and grab its opponents and swing them around until 50 health, very powerful!(will have alpha variant)

glyptodon: herbivore


passive damage tame.

food: rockarrots

saddle level 49

glyptodon would be a descendent from doed, having more protection but less speed and stamina, taming method would be damaging it until it goes into shell, then proceed to feed it rockarrots, don’t use

overpowered weapons, use a bow/crossbow with stone arrows, it would gather more clay and obsidian then doed, being useful in scorched earth, with reduced weight for all resources by 55%!, also 80% reduced damage from turrets and siege weapons(ballista, cannon, etc) saddle will be able to make double the amount of structures with way reduced resources!

styracosaurus: herbivore


torpor tame

food: all veggies especially potatoes

saddle: level 41

styracosaurus will be in groups of 3, a mostly docile creature, having only one horn, can injure a player or dino by charging it, will inflict massive damage! the longer the charge the more the damage(similar to rhino) its mostly slow but powerful!, to tame it youll need to separate them maybe by leading a raptor or something to fight them, then smart firing tranqs!.. it can also hold reduced berries and veggies and collects alot of fiber! gets a buff when there are big carnivores around.

well that was it! these are the creatures i want wildcard to add.. please just add them, anyways yup its HJK and imma go eat some potato chips now.. i need better eating habits..


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