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Found Rockwell’s innards, I’ll give a small guide here.

DO NOT be seen by the summoners. They spawn in a corrupted version (not from extinction, corrupted by Rockwell) and they can hurt pretty badly. If your looking to get mutagen, it has a green color and it’s on the ground. Careful, when you grab it small things that look like summoners will chase you, and kill you. Did I forgot to mention it aggros a summoner on to you? Also, when you get hit by the small summoner things, you can’t use the tek federation leggings ability for 5 seconds, so good luck. Also it’s found near the middle bit in Rockwell’s garden, should be a tek structure, look fo a huge opening below it, and you’ve found Rockwell’s innards. Also carniflora drop black pearls, very rarely. To actually fight Rockwell, you need mutagen and all the missions on gamma for gamma Rockwell, beta missions for beta Rockwell, and alpha missions for alpha Rockwell.


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