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!!!!!!📰Ghost News📰!!!!!!

Heeeeeeeello beautiful people! This is the beginning of a new news feed in Dododex! Today we will talk about the legendary OG’s! Some of them have disappeared completely from Dododex! Including one of my personal favorites, Shadow! She hasn’t been posting much unfortunately! While others like Moon, Ben, DTG, The Nazgûl, Lynx, CPG, and WhiteWinterWolf, are still up and active in Dododex! Forgive me if I forgot some. I hope that’s all. I don’t want my arm ripped off. Well, seeing I’m a ghost it will probably just go through me. And now for the new movies that are coming out through 2024-2026!

1. Inside out 2: Hmm it seems they’re adding new emotions!

2. FNAF 2: I know they just made the first movie but there adding new animatronics!

3. Minecraft the Movie: Before you ask, yes everything is realistic. The players aren’t blocky. Why can’t they make an Ark movie?

4. Mufasa: The lion king: this movie Is about mufasa’s backstory!

5. Spider-Man A new home: Yes it’s Tom Holland!

6. Captain American new world order: I think they are resetting the MCU!

7. Avengers Kang Dynasty: Sylvie why did you have too kill him??????!!!!

8. Avengers Secret Wars: No idea what this one’s about.

9. Ironheart

10. Blade

11. Some weird Fantastic four movie that I know nothing of.

12. I think that’s all?

Now for the ads!

A.I that controls the ads: Ads are unavailable at this time. Check your internet connection, then try again.

MrGhostGamer: Uh… One second…….. 😱 The whole internet router has shut off!!!!

*Insert Static*

MrGhostGamer: Okay! I managed too turn the internet back on I think the ads are working again… let’s try!

(Ads) Want too have fun and don’t know where too go? Yeah, neither do we…

(Ads) Check out my newest (and first) story on Dododex! It’s in ‘The island filter’ abc order!

That’s all for today folks! Tune in next time for Ghost News!

—News Reporter MrGhoatGamer

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