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-Seeing with more than eyes-

Chapter six.

“What are you talking about?” Hailee asked. Winston obviously had said something wrong bc he started stammering embarrassed. “Well-I-I what I meant was-was…never mind.” Hailee turned to go. “Never mind, I thought you were my friend…” She said. “Wait!” Winston called. “Fine. There’s something I need to show you, if you’ll come with me.” Winston said. “Where?” Hailee asked. “In the forest.” He said. Hailee’s heart leaped. “Really?! I’ve never been there.” She said eagerly. “Well, we’re going there now.” Winston said a smile playing in his voice.

Winston led her deep into the forest to a secret place he knew her pack wouldn’t follow them. “Ok we’re here.” He finally said. “What is it you wanted to show me?” Hailee asked. “Close your eyes.” Winston said. Hailee glared in his direction. “ Do you think my eyes can get anymore closed!” She exclaimed. Winston sighed wearily. “Please… just close them…all the way.” Winston said. Hailee reluctantly did so. “Ok now what?” She asked. “Relax.” He said. Hailee took a deep breath then let her feelings go. She felt peaceful suddenly. “Now open your eyes.” Winston said. She did and… she could see! “I can see!” She cried excitedly. In front of her was Winston. They were in a meadow filled with flowers and more flowers going on for miles. They were not in the forest anymore. “Where are we?” She asked. “We are inside of your mind.” Winston said. Suddenly she realized… Winston’s mouth was not moving when he spoke. “What…” she began but Winston interrupted her. “Just like you have a special gift I do too. I can read people’s minds (if they’re not too strong) and I can go INSIDE their minds. Hailee realized his back right leg, it wasn’t lame anymore it was normal. “Wow! This is awesome!” Hailee said.

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