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The rejects

Ep 6 - good information

After he got the supplies from the ship.. he grabbed the scavengers unconscious body

To his base.. put him in a room with bars and a chair

"So... About Rockwell.."

"I know where he is.. it's a place called, Rockwell's garden, I've only been there once and it's extremely dangerous.. I wouldn't go there unprepared.."

"How do I get there.."

"It's a hallway that leads to space.. after you float through you'll find another hallway leading the opposite way.. but watch out for voidwyrms."


"They are basically Tek wyverns that will paralyze you."

"Got it.. by the way.. what's your name?.."

"I'm Jacob.."

"Listen.. I'm sorry for what happened to your scavenger friends but-"

"They were never my friends.. they just forced me to do it.."

"I was gonna say.. do you wanna help me.. your not a traitor right.."

"Nope.. not at all."

"Ill trust you" Eric said as he opened the door

Eric gave him an extra fed suit..

What will happen next.. idk

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