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The rejects

When HLNA is talking I put a #!

Last episode in shadowmane

Ep 4 - burnt ground

Distant faint talking

"You here that?"

"Must be other people#"

Eric looked around the perimeter of the camp

"Seems like.. a outpost."

Throws rock


"That'll distract them.#"

One of them went to investigate..

"Should I go in?"

"Estimated Chance of death is 78% with taxes#"

He jumps down.. they don't have Tek

"Hey.. what are you doing here!"

"Well.. let's see."

Eric charged up his Tek punch and blasted one of them into little bloody pieces

The other ones loaded their pistols while hiding behind a rock.

"What kinda armor is that!"

"Federation Tek suit.. and I'll kill you with it"

They shot multiple shots at Eric

But it only put a small dent.

HLNA scans the area for the enemies

One trys to run but Eric uses super speed to ram right through his body and obliterated him

Blood was all over his suit

"Oh god."

Eric keeps getting shot by the other man's pistol

"Stop trying!" He says as he grabs the man's neck

He charges His Tek punch and blows his head off splattering blood on his visor

"Uh.. that was... Amazing!"


"I feel invincible!"

But the ground starts burning

"That's not good."

The fire kept raging and rising onto the trees

"We should leave.#"


What will happen next

I'm gonna start mass producing like apex did in the past!

If you have any concerns or ideas go to the front desk at mindwipe tonic.

-HJK ((plz sub to thunder GG on yt its profile pic is the dog.. my friend forced me to say that..))

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