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Waning Unity

Chapter Ten


Had she not come with him all this way, gone this far, to help? What did he mean no?

Better yet, how could he say no? This wolf that she had thought to be so timid, so defenseless was proving himself much

braver than she had thought and was standing up to her? Denying HER, of all creatures? For all of her mystery, Fraser

proved to be just as mysterious.

She stared at him, watching his eyes narrow as he dared to hold the eye contact. “You’re

anger isn’t going to spook me this time,” he said with finality. Lume lifted an eyebrow at him. “You mistake my silence for

anger?” He disregarded her statement. “I saw what you did to Harrier and Boa back there … I’m still not entirely sure what

you’re capable of. You change in a heartbeat! One moment you’re peaceful, the next you’re tearing my pack-mates apart,

and then you go right back to helping me?” Lume stared at him curiously, but Fraser continued. “This has something to do

with the way you change colors, doesn’t it? Which — let’s not forget —you change colors! Wolves don’t do that. I’ve never

seen you sleep, or eat, or even show pain. You grow every now and then and I’m pretty sure you hypnotized Boa into

attacking her brother, so I’m not even sure that —“

“Fraser, breathe,” Lume interrupted calmly.

Fraser paused his rant and huffed a few times, sitting

and sinking his shoulders as he recomposed himself. He seemed to be facing less pain as he put pressure on his bitten leg, and his bruising had minimalized quite a bit. He looked better than before, but he wasn’t fully recovered, Lume

knew. Yet, here he was, moving on as if his numerous injuries had never happened, determined beyond a doubt. “You are

observant,” she said, breaking the silence.

He looked up at her, raising his brow a bit. “Am I right, about you changing?”

Lume raised her gaze up to the sky. “Perhaps,” she murmured with a nod. How did wolves ease their nerves? Playing? They

played games. She remained silent for a moment, thinking.

“Since you are set on learning all you can about me, why don’t

we make this a game?”

Fraser looked up at her with a look she couldn’t quite name. Maybe he was unnerved by being

offered a game by a giant mythical wolf who had hardly shown a hint of empathy all this time. “A … game?”

“Yes. We’ve still

got the rest of your pack mates to find. Pay close attention to our interactions, my behaviors and mood. I want to see if you

can learn how I work. Use this next encounter as an opportunity.”

“I said no, Lume,” Fraser barked, returning to his defiant

stance. “I won’t let you kill anyone else.” Lume looked down towards the ground at the single set of essence prints and

followed the trail up to a large gathering of essence prevalent through the trunks and leaves and branches just a

few bounds away. They were being watched.

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” Lume said to Fraser, still staring their

stalker directly in the eye. “She’s already seen us, and she’s doused in blue essence.”

There. She had just given the curious little wolf his

first clue.


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