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Waning Unity

Chapter Three

Staring after the mysterious white wolf, Fraser thought. Her words made no sense. How had she found him? Where was she going? Was she really going to try and find his pack after years of them being gone?

It was obvious that she knew something he didn’t. Perhaps she could be the key to bringing them home.

He quickly hopped down, cringing as he landed on three legs and felt a jab in his spine, but for this moment, he didn’t care about his injury. As fast as he could go he hurried after the mysterious wolf, and by the time he caught up to her, his breath was coming in shaky gasps. It had been long since he had run so fast, and his muscles disagreed with him at that decision.

“What do you mean, essence?” he questioned immediately, pulling up alongside her. She was watching something on the ground, following it, tracking it. Fraser took a deep breath but couldn’t smell anything that she could be tracking. His mind swam as he tried to decode such a mystery. What could she see?

“All wolves leave behind an essence,” she told him, her voice painfully monotoned. “That is how I found you. You have quite balanced essence, very neutral.”

Fraser fidgeted his feet, chewing on his bottom lip as he stumbled along beside her. The flinty taste of blood that suddenly danced along his tongue was his cue to stop his nervous tick. “W-what does that mean? I don’t understand!” It was driving him crazy, being unable to understand or even register her words. He could understand everything. This should’ve been easy for him to decode.

Her ear flicked. “Those who do not understand aren’t meant to understand.”

That was his breaking point. “WHAT?” Fraser yelled, jumping in front of her and stopping her in her tracks. “What are you talking about? That doesn’t make any sense! How in all the stars is that logical? If someone doesn’t understand what you’re saying, it’s up to you to help them! That isn’t… f-fair…” He trailed off as she stared into his eyes, silencing him with just a look that caused his body to tremble. This wolf was frightening- she was larger than any from his pack and certainly larger than him.

“It isn’t my responsibility to help you comprehend things,” she stated, sweeping past him and continuing to follow whatever she saw through the sand. Fraser looked side to side, tail sinking lower than before, and then hurried after her again. He couldn’t resist a good mystery, and this wolf was the most fascinating one of all.

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