How This Ark Torpor Timer Works

This torpor timer can be used to track a creature's Torpor over time and estimate how long you have until it wakes up.

Once you've knocked out a Thorny Dragon, simply open its inventory to view its Torpor stat. Enter that stat into the timer and start the timer. Dododex is now synced with your Thorny Dragon. (Note that in-game lag can sometimes cause the timer to fall slightly out of sync, however, if you notice a significant discrepancy with Dododex's rate, please report it.)

When you use narcotics in the game, tap the narcotics buttons on the torpor timer so that it stays synced.

Thorny Dragon's Torpor

A wild creature's torpor is determined by its level in the wild. The Thorny Dragon begins with a base of 450 Torpor at level 1. With each level, it increases by 27. Once tamed, a creature's torpor does not change.

Thorny Dragon's Base Torpor (Level 1)Thorny Dragon's Increase Per Level
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