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Wyverns come in seven different types. The crystal ones aren’t listed here because of word limit. The fire (short range breath attack that sets creatures on fire and does % based DMG.), the ice (also short range breath attack that applies a slow to everything it hits.), poison (spitball attack that applies a straight up amount of DMG when it hits, depending on the melee stat of the wyvern, and leaves a gas cloud that does a tick of 10 DMG no matter what. The attack is long range and travels slowly, but is easy enough to aim when it doesn’t glitch and fly off in random directions.), and the lightning (long range, easy to aim attack that does straight up tick DMG, with no linger affect). All four of the wyverns listed above spawn on ragnarok. All but the ice spawn on scorched earth. And the ice and the fire both spawn on valguero. Corrupted fire wyverns spawn in extinction, but you can’t tame (steal an egg from) them. The occasional wyvern also spawns in the gauntlet missions on genesis.

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