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Made up lore and facts:


Steinbjörn is a fantastical bear seemingly made up of rubble. Quite fascinating, but extremely dangerous. I am writing as I approach this humongous beast. It’s breath, ragged, claws sharp, but it’s muscles relaxed. A good sign. I summoned this beast using a strange set of runes etched on stone. It did not see me, seeing as I am covered in all arrange of leaves, sticks, moss and… dung. Disgusting, but efficient. I examine the humongous crystals emerging from Steinbjörn’s back, their staggering size intimidating. But I am startled as I see it’s muscles tense, and it starts to smell the air suspiciously. I grow tense, my anticipation building. He stares right at me. Then the most curious thing happens. He only stares. Sniffs, but not pouncing, not going for the kill. And as the chilly air becomes dark, the sun setting, this magnificent creature roars, and rumbles back to the cave I summoned it from. Astounded, amazed, I stood in the now freezing night air, absolutely stunned. As I walk back to my encampment, I know that I will have more near death experiences. I remember now that Steinbjörn is a creature of Norse mythology, never seen by the human eyes. Up until this day.

Werewolf. Welp, I hope this was entertaining! I’ll do more if you guys want. Have a great day!

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