Rockwell’s Reign: Chapter 9

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Rockwell’s Reign: Chapter 9

- The Nazgûl

They had been wandering for nearly a day. Erin was very thirsty. The Bonehounds could last longer without water, but not her. She was still fascinated from the poison wyvern from earlier. It was so evil yet so majestic. Every movement it made so sinister yet so graceful. She had marveled at it for the entire day. They were nearly to the volcanic biome. Already the ground had turned black as soot. They found a small spring. Erin drank greedily. Bone watched calmly. She had decided that he was her friend. For now. Rust on the other hand was her closest companion. Rust had even let Erin ride her since she was exhausted from the heat. Death-hide was a different story. He seemed to ignore her and only let her live because Bone did. Venom seemed on Death-hide’s side. She sat for a moment. She suddenly felt some unease. She then realized the unease was coming from Venom. She looked over at him. He was shaking his head, as if to shake something off. She focused. Maybe she could figure out what he was thinking about. She suddenly got a crushing headache. It felt like an atomic bomb had exploded in her brain. She looked back at Venom, her vision slightly blurred. He was staring. At what, she did not know. His eyes were not his eyes. They seemed colder. She recognized them. They were the eyes of the monster from her dreams. The eyes of Rockwell. He began to rush Erin, but Rust got to him first. He slashed Rust across the face and made another rush at Erin. Bone and Death-hide tackled him. Venom kicked them aside. He was about to jump on Death-hide and finish him, but Erin jumped on him. Not that it would have done much good, but she wanted to make friends with Death-hide, and she would not let Venom or Rockwell get in her way. They both toppled over. As Erin got up and turned to face Venom, his paw came crashing into the side of her head. She blacked out. When she woke up, Venom was dead. Rust was licking Death-hide’s wounds, and Bone tried to explain what happened. All she was able to make out was that apparently Death-hide saved her from Venom, but she blacked out again.

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