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LISTEN UP! The Dododex app doesn’t show the location for griffins on ark mobile YOU CAN ONLY FIND THEM ON GIGA MOUTAN ONE OF THE 3 BIG MOUTANS SEROUNDING THE HIDDEN LAKE ITS THE ONE WITHOUT SNOW AND IS THEEEE ONLY GRIFFEN SPAWN ON THE ILAND YOU (HAVE) to be either LVL 85+ or have the gold crown once you find a griffin LURE IT INTO A ARGENT TRAP AND SHOOT IT (Don’t) get close until it’s asleep IT CANT BRAKE STONE BUT IT CAN BRAKE YOUR FACE ! Once it’s sleeping SHOVE BIOTOXIN IN ITS BUTT AND SHOVE ALLO KIBBLE IN ITS BUT PRIME IS EASER TO GET BELIEVE ME (DO NOT ) even TRY FEEDING IT ANYTHING ELES I HAD 4xSPEED and soothing balm it stilll got to 1 percent taming effectiveness and took hours one once tamed you’ll notice two things one how cool they are two you can’t change there name that’s because you need two with the same last few letters to mate and btw griffin kibble is the best food for taming griffins yea griffins are cannibals and I tamed a lvl - 30 sooooo good luck with 50+Lvl

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