Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

- The Nazgûl

Alex and her men were holding up. Alex had not ordered a wall built because it was simply a disadvantage. If they knocked down the wall, pieces could hit people. They also could not really hit enemies that well through a wall. More and more forces were coming into the elemental region. Alex was fighting when she saw it. Catapults. Their own catapults. Stolen by the enemy to use down here. She realized they would have to fall back. As they ran, the enemy just slowly marched after them. Clearly, to overwhelm Alex and her forces was not the plan. They fired of an arrow every once and a while or hurled stones. When they neared the end of the tunnel, they stopped. The men were tired from the long run and fighting. She saw terror in their eyes. She stood up.

“Everyone. The enemy draws near. All hope may seem lost, but we still have hope. We always have hope. I see terror in your eyes. Like Spark said, the enemy confuses peace with terror. If you are filled with terror, then the enemy has already won. We may be weary. We may be making our last stand. But fear will not take the hearts of us. Courage wins battles, and every single one of you alone has a thousand times more courage then their entire army. Our fellow soldiers, our friends, are pinned down in their, and they need us to help. But we can’t be cowards and run from it. When we charge in their, give your loudest shout. The enemy wishes to put fear into us, let’s put fear into them. Make it sound as if all the armies in the world are coming after them. Are you with me? I said are you with me!? Then charge!”

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