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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

- The Nazgûl

Spark began his speech.

“Today we make our last stand. We have lost a third of our forces. Let’s honor their sacrifice. Jennifer will take her remaining men to the first tunnel. I will take the second, and Alex will take the third. We will set up barriers. If they break the wall, fall back to the terminal. The enemy is nearly here, but the bulk of their forces is still a ways off. Today, we avenge our chief. Today, we allow people to be free. Now get to work.”


The corrupted army stopped at the top of the slope. Bart had given orders to send the bulk of their forces through the third tunnel. The rest would split half and half between the first and second.

“Charge! Kill them all!” Their leader ordered.

Jennifer’s barrier was breaking fast. Spark’s seemed to be holding up, but not for long. Alex hadn’t even set up a barrier. ‘What is she doing’ thought Jennifer. Then the barrier broke. Jennifer bandaged soldiers on the way to the terminal. ‘I hope Spark is doing better then us’.

Spark was not doing better. The barrier, being constructed in little time, was beginning to crumble.several had fallen, and many were injured. Spark called a retreat. As they came into the terminal cavern, Jennifer’s forces were coming in as well. Beating the soldiers to the terminal, they had little time to get bandaged and get ready. The soldiers had reached the cavern. Spark and the bandaged warriors fought while Jennifer bandaged the rest. Their hopes rested on Alex for support.

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