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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

- The Nazgûl

The fortress was a cone sort of shape. It had several layers of walls, each wall smaller in circumference. While the corrupted army made their way around, Spark’s army set up defenses. “I want ballista turrets, catapults, anything you can find up on the wall. The beginning of this fight will rely on ranged weapons. If they break in, we will fight them. If they make it up to the second layer of walls, we will fall back to the elemental zone. Let’s hope we can defeat them here.” Alex, being the top archer, was making sure all the ranged weapons were in the correct position. Spark went to go check on Jennifer. “How many wounded we got?”

“Not many. A couple cuts on the arms. The worst was the arrow in the leg, but that wasn’t that hard. Their resting up right now. Should be in fighting condition in a few hours.”

“Sounds good. I’m gonna go get rations for everyone.”


The enemy was in sight. However, the only person who was accurate enough from this range was Alex. She was loosing arrows one after the other. Spark was in the armory getting the troops geared up. Jennifer just watched. She was wondering how many lives it would take to win this war. It could take all of them. She didn’t know how long everyone could hold up. Soon, people could get a panic attack. Not many of these people had seen battle. Just then, there was a loud boom. It was the catapults. The enemy had arrived.

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