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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

- The Nazgûl

The armies faced each other. One side in on the wall defending their base with some one hundred and fifty troops, the other side stretching out across the hills with some one thousand troops. Everyone stood stock still. Swords drawn, arrows back, shields up. It was also dead silent. Then a soldier in the corrupted army fell. It looked like a high ranking officer. Spark realized Alex had shot him. The corrupted army charged. They immediately started to break the wall. Spark was ready to order a retreat to their main military asset, their fortress in the bioluminescent zone. The wall broke. “Retreat!” Spark yelled. The soldiers ran back through the base. Several soldiers had fallen, but not many. Spark led them through the portal zone. Alex took the rear of the group and fired arrows off at the enemy hoards. As they neared the bridge that crossed over the river, Spark told everyone to get ready with their gliders. They jumped the gap and began the glide to their fortress. The enemy had to go back around and down the river to get into the bioluminescent zone. Spark’s army had time to prepare.

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