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Chapter 8 (couldn’t help myself. Just had to write chapter 8.)

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Chapter 8 (couldn’t help myself. Just had to write chapter 8.)

- The Nazgûl

Spark had declared war on Bart. As the enemy came into view down the river, Spark gave a speech. “The war has begun. Soon, the first battle will commence. We may win, we may loose. Some may live, some may fall. Some may hide, some may fight. One thing is certain, if we win this war, our lives will be forever changed. Some don’t recover from the tragedies of war. War is such a cruel, bloody, devastating thing. The ironic part is we are all fighting for the same thing. Peace. The only difference is our enemy wishes for peace through terror. That is not true peace. Peace does not involve fear. It involves courage. We are outnumbered greatly. But strength does not win battles. Not strength in numbers, not physical strength, not strength of the mind. Courage wins battles. So today we fight with courage. Let’s show them what we’re made of!”

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