Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

- The Nazgûl

As everyone grieved, Spark reported his findings to Jenny. “I think our issue is that the ark is malfunctioning. The animals are disappearing, there is now radiation down below, however, the glow of the metal structures is getting brighter. I don’t know what caused the malfunction, but it could be element. The increased amounts further down stop other animals from going down there, but I have no evidence of where all the extra element is coming from.” “Jason told me that the soldiers that attacked him were coated in it. Not like armor, but like it grew on them,” Jenny said. “That would explain it. We need to defeat them. If we get rid of them, the element levels will be stable again. Besides, they killed our chief,” said Spark. “I think you should be our new chieftain. You found the issue,” Jenny said excitedly. “I will accept the position of military commander. That is what we need right now,” Spark said. “Then prepare for battle Commander Spark.”

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