Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

- The Nazgûl

Spark listened as the scout told his story while Jennifer bandaged him up.

“We went up river to see if we could find a lake.” He said. “We did. But on the lake was a large settlement. We were going to get in closer when one of the inhabitants jumped us. Being outnumbered 5 to 1, we captured him. All we were able to get out of him before his friends arrived was that his leader was King Bart, king of the ark. A look of terror crossed Jason’s face and that’s when it happened. 6 more came out of hiding. They wounded the chief and stabbed me in the leg. They killed the rest but let me go, knowing that we could bring fear to our tribe.” “Well, you’re all patched up and should be ready to fight soon” said Jennifer. At that moment, Jenny, who was very old by now, came out of the sickbay. “Jason has died” she said.

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