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I’m just here to present what Studio LAZYCard need to do to the Purlovia

1: It should be rideable and it’s saddle should be unlocked at LvL 51 (Like Thylacoleo), SERIOUSLY!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU RIDE A SHEEP BUT NOT A BADGER?!?!?!?!?!

2: You could move underground once riding a Purlovia (Like Basilisk)

3: It can be carryable by Argy, like seriously it’s the same size as a DireWolf

4: It should be an omnivore since in reality they ate EVERYTHING

5: It can jump on a person and carry stuff like Kaprosuchus

6: It can use a fart that makes animals go crazy, like Pachyrhinosaurus, and how modern day badgers can do

However Studio LAZYCard will never add this since they don’t read Dododex, however if you liked it 🆙 if you think this could be cool

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