Part Three

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Part Three

" Listen up!" Jared began. " As you all know, some kind of creature has destroyed our entire scout platoon. Our mission is to ring the creature and destroy it before the remnants of the New Leigon can find it and use it against us." He spoke to a group of fifty people, all volunteers who had signed up for this mission. They armed themselves and set out. Among the volunteers was Ranesh and Petra. "We're gonna need a tracker" Petra said. " some kind of hunter." " I think I might know someone..." Ranesh said.

They trekked through the forest until they came to a hide Tepee style tent. A man came out holding a shot gun. A longneck was slung across his back, and two pistols were in his belt on either side. He raised the shotgun into the air and fired. " Who goes there!" He shouted " The 501st Platoon of the Lebirtation Movement. We have a job offer. We are hunting something. We are willing to hire you." " Hmm. I'll help you, as long as I get its claw."

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